Thursday, June 23, 2016

Class C5 - Drawings

Junior 3 - Teacher Kaio Queiroz - Leonardo da Vinci Taguatinga 

 Throughout the semester, students were challenged into enhancing their artistic abilities by drawing some of the things which were familiar to them. It was very noticeable how much students liked to draw, so they were allowed to draw a few of the items they liked the most, as follows:


It was really nice when students drew their favourite food! Their drawings were very colourful, and an interesting fact was that some of them had fruit and even BEANS as their favourite meals!

To each student an activity was assigned, so they had to put their abilities to good use in order to show what they were doing (using the Present Continuous tense).


Students worked in pairs and trios aiming to build a small house. For that, they needed to search for pictures of objects and utilities one could find in each room, cut them out and stick them to a piece of paper. It was very hard to find pictures of outdoors objects!


This was, by far, students' favourite activity. They loved messing around with paint and thought it was loads of fun! They were asked to paint a beautiful garden, and so they did!

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